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just another announcement::

first off, you probably noticed that i sortof changed the layout. actually, only the background so far, but i'm working on other stuff too, hopefully.

secondly, if any members have brought in applicants, then let me know HERE [comment]. just tell me who you referred to, and if the referree could just reply to that comment for confirmation, that would be nice.

i also hope to be making a few other promo banners too, so we can have more variety with our promoting [which we should be doing A LOT offffff].

oh yes, and all members are very much welcome to make posts. pictures, major events, etc. i wouldn't prefer daily life shit though, cause that's what your regular journal is for. so, feel free to entertain us [plus, it'll give you pointsssss for every post you make, and pictures included = more points]!

hmmm, i think that might be about it for now. we might be seeing a co-mod in the near future, so beware. =]


↕ .b. ↕
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