Pimpin' Partlow a.k.a. YOUR MOM (heck_yea_its_me) wrote in lessthan3hree,
Pimpin' Partlow a.k.a. YOUR MOM

look how pretty she is, when she falls down

age:: 15
status [& pictures if available]::sing

describe yourself::punk/goth, an individual, I like to dance and sing and rock out on my guitar. I also like to get laughed at whether it be for a joke, or just doing something really embarrassing

5ive favorite bands::
♥System of a Down
♥Green Day
♥The Darkness

5ive favorite movies::
♥Napolean Dynamite
♥Scary Movie 3
♥Meet the Faulkers
♥The Breakfast Club
♥Joy Ride

favorite book[s]::
♥I don’t read books that often

special skill[s]::
♥ numchuck skills just kidding. Dance and singing

tattoos/piercings [& pictures if available]::none

make 1ne wish::
♥I wish to find a few good friends who can play the guitar, the bass, and the drums; so that we can start a black metal band and become famous and rich.

now make us laugh::one time at band camp… just kidding! One time I had this party when my mom was out of state and all my friends and me got all dressed up in old dance costumes and Halloween costumes and put on retarded hats, and screwed up our hair and make-up and walked all around downtown until it was dark and then we ordered pizza. And while we were waiting for our pizza; still in our stupid clothes; we mooned an old guy and he turned his car around so we ran inside. We got back into our normal clothes and waited for the pizza inside. After we were done eating, we found a condom in my friends bag, so we took it out and I blew it up and then I threw out into the street. It was wicked fun!!

how did you hear about lessthan3hree [username]? I_taste_god

promote in 3 places. links::
♥ I don’t really have any; I’m new to live journal

i need a good 150x150 picture, for the members section::I don’t have one could someone please resize one of my own pictures?

3+ pictures::
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-labeling ehhh that is like something we did when the term poser came out
-links to pictures :(
-reading? "I don’t read books that often" horrible horrible
-no links igdfiuhsdz gi grrrrr

but since I love you..
+blue wig

thanx!! hey do i know you?
:( yea its me trishelle. i try to keep my journal as inconspicuous as possible
ah haa
i had a feeling it was you.
don't ask me how b/c im not sure
but i just had an inkling
ok thats kewl.
and may i ask how?
i did. i just forgot to put yes in the subject line
- gahhhh stereotypes. nuuu.
+ some bands
+ TBC! = my favorite fucking movie. ever.
- black metal band. i just don't like the sound of it said aloud. more labels. but whatever.
- no promotions. which we still most desperately need at this point. if you'd like, maybe i could find you a promoting tutorial or something.
- for future reference, on your pictures, put <*img src="urlofpicturehere"*> [take out the stars]. so i dont have to click to see your pictures.

mehhh i don't really wanna say no, cause i need members, but since this is a rating community, i think i'd have to say no. sorry.

everyone else, keep the votes coming though!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
how's that?
"hows that?"
what do u mean?

Deleted comment

oh got it
thats good thanx, but i think i got too many no's to be in your community, but thank you anyway
+ i like the bands
-/+ moives
- u don"t like to read
- numchuck skills was a little lame sorry

i vote no sorry