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look how pretty she is, when she falls down

name:: Kelly
age:: 14
location:: New Jersey
gender:: Female
grade:: 8th going on 9th
status [& pictures if available]:: Single

describe yourself:: I am shy when you first meet me but once I get to know you I become really wild. I like to be honest and tell everything to everyone because I have nothing to keep secret unless someone tells me to keep a secret I will always keep that secret and tell NO ONE. In school I was voted for "Best Laugh" but I don't think I'm all that funny. Just unique. I like all different kinds of music. It's not often you'll see me in a dress. It takes A LOT to make me angry but when I am you better keep away. I like to help people with problems. I dyed my hair with Cherry Koolaid last summer. I'm planning of dying it for real this summer with real dye and then getting two more peircings in my ears once I go to Phila. I am the only one that can spell in this family so I get woken up at 3 am from someone asking me how to spell "saw".

5ive favorite bands::
♥ Nine Inch Nails
♥ Armor for Sleep
♥ Thrice

5ive favorite movies::
♥ Nightmare Before Christmas
♥ Star Wars
♥ Phantom of the Opera
♥ Interview with the Vampire
♥ Beetlejuice

favorite book[s]::
♥ All the Anne Rice books and Tithe by Holly Black

special skill[s]::
♥ Drawing anime, fake crying, talking in different languages to confuse people, taking on different identitys, make up, and sitting at the computer all day!

tattoos/piercings [& pictures if available]:: One in both ears

most embarrassing moment:: I really don't have much embarrassing moments because I don't get embarrassed. I love to laugh at myself and laugh with others and make myself look stupid. But probably the time when I was sleeping over my friend's house and she and someone else duck taped me to the floor while I was sleeping and they screamed "FIRE" making me spaz and not being able to get up.

make 1ne wish::
♥ I wish to knew what to do when I get older

now make us laugh::
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how did you hear about lessthan3hree [usernames would be most helpful]? lierthiefwhore

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i need a good 150x150 picture, for the members section::
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3+ pictures::
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