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look how pretty she is, when she falls down

name:: Trishelle
age:: 16
location:: Port Richey, Florida
gender:: female
sexuality:: straight
grade:: 11
status [& pictures if available]:: taken by Nick since 9th grade
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describe yourself:: We all should know by now, though I am making a new application because of my new journal. So I have to pretend you don't know. Rate me honestly (even if I was accepted once).
Anyways, about me.. well I am a fun person to be around. I usually am outspoken, and I like to throw many insults at people who tend to be rude and thickheaded. :/ I am a musician. I play the trumpet. It is a cool thing to do when I am bored (even if it is geeky or not cool enough for many people). My creativity usually shows when I do research papers. I like to put many pictures on the covers and stuff. It gets me carried away. I make are clay models, Image hosted by and drawings. I want to start painting, but I have tons of summer reading to do for my Ap English class. I am addicted to dying my hair. It is bad for me. :(

5ive favorite bands::
♥ Thursday
♥ Finch
♥ The Faint
♥ The Killers
♥ Saosin

5ive favorite movies::
♥ Harry Potter(s)
♥ Drop Dead Gorgeous
♥ Donnie Darko
♥ Troy
♥ A Series of Unfortunate Events

favorite book[s]::
♥ 1984, Goblet of Fire, Ethan Frome, To Kill a Mockingbird

special skill[s]::
♥ Trumpet, persuasion, photo editing (so I look pretty instead of ugly like I am in real life)

tattoos/piercings [& pictures if available]::
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Just that one. Its pretty cool though cause it is only one earring. A lot of my other holes ripped. Ehhh. Weak skin?

most embarrassing moment::
One day it was raining and I had white shorts on. I don't know why I was wearing white shorts.. My mom and I went to K-mart and I fell getting out of the car. I didn't bother looking at my butt before I entered the store. I had mud all over them and it looked like I crapped my pants. :/

make 1ne wish::
♥ I wish someone would hire me. I have been looking for a job for weeks.

now make us laugh::
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Ex boyfriend.
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how did you hear about lessthan3hree? [usernames would be most helpful]:: i_taste_god

promote in 3 places. links::

i need a good 150x150 picture, for the members section::
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3+ pictures::

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