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mod// oh mannn

hey everyone.
sorry this place has been such a damned snooze. i've been quite busy recently. you can check out some lovely picturessssss of what i've been up to here, if you're interested.

well hopefully i'll settle down and keep doing new shit for this place to get more members to liven it up, but for now, i suppose all you can do is promote and try to get more applicants so you can go vote-crazy [or not..]. heh ::shut up::.

perhaps i could see if anyone's interested in co-modding for the clan? let me know if you are. got any skilllllllssss?]

i've just now decided that i'll make a seperate photobucket, in case any possible co-mods have to tap into the amazing lessthan3hree pictures without stumbling onto my secret ameteur porn, haha. x_x

suggestions or whateverelse's welcome. =]

↕ .b. ↕
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