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look how pretty she is, when she falls down

name:: shelby
age:: 15, soon to be 16
location:: sioux city,iowa
gender:: female
sexuality:: straight
grade:: 10th
status [& pictures if available]:: TJ


describe yourself:: i'm just a 15 year old kid who refuses to give into conformity. i tend to do things that are fun/occupy my attention for the time being, despite what the consequences are. i'm quick-witted, which may come off as a bitch at times, but i usually mean no harm. i've played piano for 11years,and been in ballet for 10. i used to skateboard[i couldn't afford a new board each time thrashed one], but recently switched to long boarding. umm...and i enjoy new and exciting things.

5ive favorite bands::
 pulse ultra
 canable corpse
 dimmu borgir
 system of a down

5ive favorite movies::
 stand by me
 breakfast at tiffany's
 sixteen candles
 SLC punk
 bowling for columbine

favorite book[s]::
 choke, last to die, dante's inferno[sp], alice in wonderland, and a clockwork orange

special skill[s]:: i can burp on command[not very lady like, -hangs head-sorry], stand on the tips of my toes, take a shot by picking it up w/just my mouth[not something to be proud of], and smoke a cigar while doing yoga.

tattoos/piercings [& pictures if available]:: 3 ear piercings.

most embarrassing moment:: in middle school there was this big assembly to announce different things. i was talking to my friend through the whole thing and each time something was done being announced everyone would the last announcement came..and judy[my friend] and i were the only ones who clapped...turned out to be that the announcement was about the principal retiring. needless to say, we had the attention of the whole auditorium.
make 1ne wish:: i wish adam would stop doing X.

now make us laugh:: 4

how did you hear about lessthan3hree? [usernames would be most helpful]:: loadedxxmuch

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i need a good 150x150 picture, for the members section::


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