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name:: bailey
age:: 15
location:: ontario, canada
gender:: female
sexuality:: hetero
grade:: 11
status [& pictures if available]:: long-term-un-single

describe yourself:: erm. i'm bailey. im short. i think im pretty friendly and i try to treat everyone nicely. though sometimes i kinda freak them out cause i'm fairly strange. depending on what you consider normal i guess. i have a boyfriend. hes 18. his name is russell. he lives far too far away but i love him none-the-less. he defines me. i don't see the point in getting all in a huff about the small things. and i try to encourage rationality. i think im a pretty calm. laid back type of a person.

5ive favorite bands::
this is hard...i dont really have favourites. so heres 5 that i like to listen to.
♥ modest mouse
♥ neutral milk hotel
♥ jack johnson
♥ sarah mclaughlin.
♥ linkin park

5ive favorite movies::
♥ nmbc
♥ hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
♥ girl interrupted
♥ how to lose a guy in 10 days
♥ national tresure

favorite book[s]::
♥ tithe/valiant

special skill[s]::
♥ um. i like phtography. though i dont know if im anything special at it.

tattoos/piercings [& pictures if available]::
♥ i have my ears peirced something like 13 times. 8 in lefty ear 5 in right. but i havent worn any earings in them in a while. they probably still work though. im planning on getting a tattoo soon though. -photoshopped it on me-

most embarrassing moment::
♥god. so many. most recent that comes to mind is...i was walking through old navy. and all of a sudden my throat made this immensly loud...pig snorty noise. and i stopped walking and all these people were looking at me. then i just started laughing. i found it amusing ish.

make 1ne wish::
♥ if i could have just one last wish. i would like a tasty fish.
no...um. i wish my boyfriend lived next door.

now make us laugh::

how did you hear about lessthan3hree? [usernames would be most helpful]:: jthm
i think anyway...i was browsing through some community and i saw a sign thing. and i was like ooo. -goes here-

promote in 3 places. links::

i need a good 150x150 picture, for the members section::

3+ pictures::
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