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rate your stars out.

the lovelies.
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lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree.

okay, well, for those of you who didn't get it, lessthan3hree = <3.
i suppose this is your typical rating community.
all i ask for is participation and honesty.


read before you apply!

Ages 14+ only, please.
subject = "look how pretty she is, when she falls down."
make sure you follow the form for the application. don't use rich text format. and don't change the form for the application. it's there so you don't have to do the work, so take advantage.
apply within 48 hours after joining. if you don't apply, then what's the point in joining?
when posting pictures, please keep the file size down.
everyone must respect the mod and her lovely members.
you may not make a post or comment on any other application/entries than your own application, until you are stamped.
if you are rejected, you may reapply at any time, using different pictures.
don't fucking type "lyk omfg dis boi iz supa gr8!!" just, because it's disgusting and extremely annoying. i trust that you have all attended some level of english class.
please answer all questions thoroughly and truthfully! cause no one likes blankspaces or fakefaces. =]

just copy and paste.
all you have to do is copy and paste the form into the entry box. remember, don't use rich text format.

for the accepted.

if you post promotions to other communities here, i expect a link to where you promoted lessthan3hree in exchange somewhere in that very entry.
once you get accepted, you are free to post entries and vote on other peoples' applications. be honest and have fun with it.
long entries & big/numerous pictures go under an lj-cut.
have any ideas for themes/contests? just let thereddeadbunny know, and at this point, it's almost guaranteed that it'll be doable.
please please please try to promote, especially since we're still only in the beginning stages of lessthan3hree. i wanna see this thing grow!
put "stamped" somewhere in the subject line to all posts you make.
when voting on applicants, put "yes" or "no" in the subject line.
feel free to make things for the community. such as promo banners, accepted banners, rejected banners, icons, etc... don't waste time, help me out here. =]
most of all, stay active!

as soon as we get 20 members, we'll get this going..

promotional banners.
promotional banners.




all banners & icons.


threeshell -- Florida
fuckbeautiful -- New York
henryrules -- New Hampshire
hungerforce_x16 -- New Jersey
i_taste_god -- Florida
iamthisgirl -- Florida
lierthiefwhore -- Florida
lov3zy00 -- New York
megaweezle5000 -- New Hampshire
shadow_boy2 -- Florida
thereddeadbunny -- New Hampshire
xximposiblxx -- New York

better luck next time?

the stupidasses.

you know you want it.
[open for suggestions]
coming soon...

sister communities.

everything so far :: thereddeadbunny

lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree. lessthan3hree.

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